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Multiple stakeholder ecosystems take up the challenge presented by changes in climate and water in the region, through the creation of innovative solutions. These solutions may impact on the challenges which climate and water present. Entrepreneurs, municipalities, social organisations and education institutes are working together to train water worker 2.0 (technicians/ employees) in the Drechtsteden region and Alblasserwaard-Vijfheerenlanden in The Netherlands.

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Our goal

Our goal is to create new expertise and to educate people in up to date knowledge and skills so that they can address the (future) challenges related to Water and Climate. We undertake to organise effectively this infrastructure of expertise in order to contribute our knowledge and human capital to our region. We aspire to advance from research and innovation to knowledge creation, including co-design, new products and processes, leading towards initial education and life long development of professionals.

PPS Waterroute is about attracting and retaining talents, learning and innovation. The challenges we face regarding water and climate, are large. They demand continuous innovation in education, innovation in practice and responses to the changing labor market. Cooperation is the key to success. Entrepreneurs, education institutes, social organisations and the government are joining forces in PPS Waterroute to further strengthen the water and climate expertise and the innovation systems in The Netherlands.

Learning and education

We hope to connect climate and water networks in third order learning communities which tackle the challenges of climate and water in an integral manner for the regional societal challenges. That’s our goal! Learning is a core value. We strive to work as ‘ a third order learning community’. How can this be achieved? By making learning an integrated process of all our activities and projects.

Our educational partners will guide us through the processes of learning from each other and developing a culture of learning driven by innovation. All projects will work with the same, learning-oriented principle. We will work together on projects including meaningful assignments and innovations. But we will not forget that together and organising the process around it, is a core value of the collaboration which leads to added value.

Our education institutes are prominent expert partners in addressing the Water and Climate Sustainable Development Goals. Within the PPS Waterroute, we are focussing on vocational education and University of Applied Science. The focus of our education institutes is to educate young people who seek a profession and place within our society but also to support learning at all ages. A third focus is a contribution with research and knowledge to the grand societal challenges regarding water and climate.

Our Projects

International cooperation

International cooperation is an important aspect for PPS Waterroute. The water and climate challenges are global. We believe that international cooperation is one of the pillars of a strong knowledge-driven economy and an important factor for innovation, learning and development.

PPS Waterroute intends to explore the options to jointly develop projects, education, training and research with parties abroad, making use of the Dutch expertise. To reach our goals, we want to strengthen our strategic partnerships with both national and international government and business, in the agricultural sector as well as across disciplines with other sectors.


PPS Waterroute is a network of (green/agricultural) education, knowledge institutes and specific partners that want to contribute to the expertise and human capital development. Our partners are government representatives or selected business ventures. This network has a close connection and relationship with agriculture business networks and NGOs, facilitating partners, branch organisations and supporting offices.

The team consists of a board and a coordination team. They determine the direction and course of Borderless Network.

Members of the board team are:
  • Peter Kwakernaak (Blauwzaam)
  • Henk de Ruiter (Waterschap Rivierenland)
  • Ton den Breejen (School & Bedrijf)
  • Rob Luyk (TriBinder)
  • Pieter Pot (Inholland)
  • Wim den Haan (Wellant)
Members of the coordination team are:
  • Ton Schüller
  • Michel Pipping
  • Eric de Bruijn
  • Peter de Wit


Become a member

We are an open learning space and offer free admission for all people interested in climate and water. We organise many events and activities open to anyone who wants to learn about water and climate. Our network is open for new, innovative and valuable partners who want to cooperate. To become a partner of PPS Waterroute you need to either be affiliated with our current partners or give a good reason in what way your organisation can contribute to our collaboration.

Are you open-minded and willing to learn with a strong network and a strong expertise in the water and climate sector? Do you want to contribute to solving water and climate challenges? Then don’t hesitate to apply to become a partner.

You can contact us by email at